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Hello internet! This is music enthusiast/ curator/ journalist/ DJ/ creative spirit and general nice guy Norman Fleischer and this is me kindly inviting you all to sign up for my regular mailout where I’ll be writing about music from the past and present that’s close to my heart and that deserves your love and attention. Well, and I’m also curating The Messy Mix.

Come on, let’s stay in touch. It’ll be fun.

Thanks for making it to my website. How’s that charming fella, you might ask? I’ve been spending more than ten years in the German music industry, running beloved music blog Nothing But Hope And Passion for nearly a decade while also establishing a communication agency called SUPERUNKNOWN.

Additionally to my own musical productions and mixes under the moniker Burnout Sumner I also try to move things forward on a societal level. I helped setting up the German branch of the global Music Declares Emergency movement which is constantly looking for new passionate people to join.

For over thirty years I’ve been enjoying music in all its emotional and life-changing glory and I will continue to fight for that spirit and the art’s sustainable future in various ways. This mailout and my other communication channels are an invitation to join me on this adventure and to stay connected.