06 – A Walk On The First Warm Day Of Spring

The arrival of spring always comes with a feeling of renewal to me personally. It’s a fresh start after a harsh winter and it always fills my heart with joy and energy to experience the “return” of nature as everything gets more colourful again. You know these spontaneous strolls you do during that time when you suddenly realize that winter is gone? That’s the feeling I wanted to capture with the sixth episode of the Messy Mix.

Going for longer walks around Berlin’s surprisingly green neighbourhood (at least where I live in the Wedding district) really helps me to put things in perspective. And yeah, I guess during the Covid-pandemic we all learned the importance of that to a certain degree. So, this is my tribute to these meditative moments, to the fields, to nature’s regenerative power and the overall beauty of spring, even in such desperate times like now. 

The mix is mostly a slow and relaxing affair but you can expect a little celebratory twist towards the end. Next to a few personal long-time favourites when it comes to that sort of sound like Tycho, Teen Daze, Homeshake and Will Samson you’ll find a few more surprising guests in here. There’s gentle indie-folk from Adrianne Lenker, warm melancholia from Icelandic artist Sóley as well as track by promising German producer Nand. Oh, and watch out for an almost forgotten Stereolab rework of a classic from The Avalanches. Well, if you want to know more IDs, just drop me a line.