12 –  Voice Message

The voice is a beautiful instrument, isn’t it? Maybe the most essential one of all. At least for me. And I’m happy that the first Messy Mix of 2024 celebrates exactly that – the human voice. And I’m happy to have befriended Leipzig-based audiovisual artist Pony Pracht on board for this edition. Not only does she have a beautiful voice by herself but she also knows how to modulate it in a fascinating way. Well, you might have spotted her on my track “39/93” which I released last summer. Here’s the artist telling us about the approach of her selection:

“For the Messy Mix I went in search of songs in which the voice is used in an interesting way. Voices that are not solely used to convey a text in the most beautiful and intriguing manner, but also voices that are detached from the strictness of poetry and employed for instrumental purposes.“

Right next to many great artists you’ll also find the music (and voice) of Pony Pracht in this mix as well. So make sure to check out her EP “Lomb” which came out last year right after this stunning musical journey which she furthermore describes in the following words:

„To me, the voice is the most beautiful instrument of all. Whether sung, spoken, whispered, or screamed, emitting and receiving sounds is inherent to most people, much like breathing in and out. It’s evident that we can then connect with the voice in such a profound way. The voice as an instrument.

I named the playlist after the first song by the duo Decisive Pink: ‚Voice Message.‘ Enjoy this little messy sound journey. You’ll hear greats like Björk and Matthew Herbert, but perhaps you’ll also discover new, inspiring gems.”