14 –  Technology Mythology

Oh sweet, sweet technical evolution. A bliss yet also a burden, isn’t it? And it’s affecting us all in our daily life with music being no exception at all. Audiovisual artist JJ Weihl knows a thing or two about that. Her work – whether it is in the fabulous indie band Fenster or under her solo moniker Discovery Zone is often addressing the relationship with technology. So, it’s no surprise that her Messy Mix was also inspired by her own musical and creative process in relation to how she use and interacts with different types of technology. 

Or in her own words:

“I wanted to put together a collection of songs and sounds addressing the presence of technology in our daily lives and especially in regards to the way it shapes our experience of making and consuming music.  It has become so ubiquitous that it’s almost invisible. 

Some of the songs on the mix are about technology thematically.  I chose a variety of material highlighting the use of different types of technology – from some of the earliest computer music compositions to some of the latest uses of AI in songwriting techniques.

Where do we draw the line? How does it affect our perception of what we’re listening to? What does the past show us about the present and future?

I hope that the mix serves as a conversation starter about the implications of technology in music and in our daily lives.”

As a longtime fan of JJ’s work I’m extremely thrilled and honoured to have her on board for this tremendous musical journey that’s called „Technology Mythology“, named after a song by Gary Blanchard which is also on this mix. Plug in and enjoy the ride with me!