15 –  Berlin – Copenhagen Train Journey

Danish producer Kasper Bjørke is what I would consider a true good guy on multiple levels. Not only is he one of the finest DJs around, he’s also dropping great and surprising releases on a regular basis for almost two decades now, he’s also a vocal artist when it comes to political topics.

Especially environmental topics and the health of our dear planet is as equally close to Kasper’s heart as it is to mine. I consider him a brother in spirit when it comes to these things… well, and our mutual love for Balearic beats.

So, obviously… I’m thrilled that he participated in my little mixtape project.

His “Messy Mix” was inspired by (and compiled during) a recent train ride between Berlin and Copenhagen since Mr. Bjørke’s avoids flying as often as he can. The result is a soothing and wonderful listening experience.

Here’s how he describes his approach:

“I always feel at my best when I am accompanied by music, in almost anything that I do. I lean on music to contemplate, to work and to dream, when cooking or cleaning, playing with my children – or when traveling, gazing through the window of a train moving through the constant changing landscapes. Mixtapes can come in handy in many occasions and have been a thing I have practiced since my teenage years. I got in the mood for making this particular mixtape during a train journey going back home from Berlin to Copenhagen, after a weekend with two club gigs. 

Going home after gigs often makes me listen to quite soothing tracks that can act as a comforting mental pillow, after days of being around new people, loud music and a disrupted sleeping pattern. There are some beats in there too to bring the journey forward too and the mix include tracks are some of my favorites, some are new and some that have stayed with me over the years… I have also added one track from my latest album Puzzles, which came out a few weeks ago. I suggest you put on this mixtape when you are going on your next journey. May it be inwards or somewhere physically.”

Apart from that, I think it also works great as a relaxing mix to welcome the spring season so you don’t necessarily need to be on a train to enjoy this sweet selection. And once you’re finished with it, make sure to check out Kasper Bjørke’s brilliant new album “Puzzles” which is out now via hfn music.