16 –  Extended 80s Experience (12“ Party Mix)

Jump into the digital Delorean, kids – we’re time travelling right back to the high times of 80s synthpop. Although arriving in the sweet setting of the summer, I actually produced this mix back in personal lockdown when I caught Covid during Christmas. I found myself digging through my personal archive of 80s pop tunes while also scouting the internet for new ones. There’s something extremely fascinating about that era and this sweet spot between synthesized pop and club sounds and this is my tribute to the music of that time.

These were also the early days of remix culture and most of it was focussing on the creation of Extended Mixes that were used to literally extend the fun on the 12-inch-singles of these tunes. Lots of loops, tight basslines and MPC craziness were part of this and you can literally here the fun everybody had while playing around with this new technology in the studio. Shep Pettibone was a pioneer here so you’ll catch him a few times during this mix along with tracks by some of my all-time heroes like New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Madonna, A-ha, Bee Gees and Prefab Sprout. But next to some well-known hits there’s also room for a few hidden treasures from artists like The Blow Monkeys, Public Image Ltd., Nicole McCloud as well as Chinese performer Danny Chan.

So, it’s a little fun and uplifting edition of the good ol’ Messy Mix. Ever wanted to know what a disco night out in 1988 would have sounded like? Well, these two hours will hopefully give you a full-blown experience of exactly that. Enjoy the ride to the pop pleasuredome.